June Lentsch – August 14, 2008

In Loving Memory of June Elisabeth Parker Born 1918 who passed away on Thursday, August 14, 2008.
Surviving are her daughters Sharon Jackson and Janice Eng, and 2 son in law’s – Paul Eng and Floyd Jackson. With two grandson’s David Minteer and Paul M. Emg and 2 grand daughter’s Jill Marie Eng and Terri Rice and 6 great grandchildren. June was born in Portland, Oregon 1908. Parents were William and Myrtle Parker, she then moved to Seattle in the 1945 to meet her brother Bill who was in the Marines and had met her husband Andrew Lentsch and they were married Sept 18th 1946. June has worked 25 years for the Seattle Westin Hotel.
June has had a very fulfilling, wonderful, happy life and will be greatly missed and remembered for her loving ways toward others.
The memorial services will be held at 11:00 am, Friday, July 10th at Allcity Memorial Prersbyterian Church with the Reverend Paul Jorday, officiaating.

3 Responses to “June Lentsch – August 14, 2008”

  • Sharon Jackson says:

    Mom was a wonderful lady, full of fun, always ready to have a party for family and friends. She was warm, generous, and caring. She was strong, both physically and emotionally, a hardworker who didn’t retire until she was seventy. Her extended each family spoke about their memories, which became a verbal \Bouquet of flowers\ in tribute to her on Monday, during a beautiful committal service at Calvary Cemetary. We will miss her forever. Sharon

  • Sharon Jackson says:

    From our cousin Dan, “God bless your mom. She was a wonderful person and I loved to call her aunt. God gave her a long life and did not make her suffer in the end.

    As you know she will be missed even though we hardly saw her or talked to her. Donna met her briefly and knew that she was a special person. When we talked about her from time to time Danna was always interested in my reflections of your mother.

    We are deeply saddened. It is these things that give us pause and let us think about the important things in life.

    Love to your family, Dan and Donna”

  • Paul Michael Eng says:

    I have heard of many Wonderful people passing away, but this Great women was one of those people. Grandma June was another mom too me, and I wished I could of told her how much she really meant to me. She was always there for me. I probably, I mean….. I was the most neediest of the whole family. She would always listen to me, give me whatever I needed, and make BLT sandwiches for me whenever I wanted them, and I wanted them all the time. Lol
    One example of many, was when I was sick at home. Grandma came over to visit. She asked me if I needed anything. I said yes, some new shoe’s. We’ll she said if your not too sick, let’s go. I suddenly forgot how sick I was, and was ready almost instantly. After getting my expensive shoes, I was happy and in a good mood. Grandma June always made me happy, and listened to me, without judging. I knew I could tell her anything and not worry about her telling anyone. Especially my parent’s. Lol
    She lived her life making many people happy. She was a very kind lady. One thing I could never understand still till this day is why she never dated or went out with other guy’s. That tells you how much she loved her husband grandpa Andy. I wished I could of knew him better.
    I never seen her upset, and I was around her a lot. If she did, she would just get quiet or leave the room for a few minutes. I wished I could of told her how much she really meant to me. I know I wasn’t her son, but she made me feel like it. God bless her, I hope and pray I see her and grandpa Andy again. -:)))

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