Brian Matuschak, July 30 2008

In loving memory of Brian Matuschak who passed away on July 30, 2008 inΒ  Washington State.Β  Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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  • Amanda Matuschak says:

    Brian Matuschak was my uncle. I loved him more like a father. Only the good die young ideed. I wish the whole world could’ve got to know this man. He had a rough ride with cancer he fought with all the strength he had. I love you Uncle Brian you will ALWAYS be in my heart forever and after intill we meet again πŸ™‚ Your kindness will never be forgotten. My dad was your only brother. He also loves you and its hurting him a lot. He knows your in a better place. We love you so much!!!!

  • samantha matuschak says:

    it hurts that you are gone dear uncle i loved you so much you are the light of my life i only wish i could have scene you one last time but i know your watching over me

  • Jamey Allen says:

    I have suspected that Brian must have passed on, but only learned about the actual event yesterday. Brian and I were friends for almost 20 years. I would like to contact his family. (I have only met his sister.) I can be reached at:

    Thanks. Jamey

  • Amanda Matuschak Again says:

    Uncle Brian, It’s been a year since you have passed on. It’s still tragic. We had a dinner memorial for you last night. Grandma(your mother who loves and misses you very much!) was there along with Sammi and my father, your brother. we reminisced about how much we love and miss you and your beard πŸ˜‰ I told Grandma it would be okay that It’s not a goodbye, It’s a see you later πŸ™‚ And we all wrote on a balloon… With a message to send to you up in heaven. God needed more angels up there πŸ™‚ You’ll never be forgotten uncle B! If anyone would like information or to speak with the family my email is!

  • Amanda Matuschak says:

    It’s not a goodbye it’s an I’ll see you later .Still missing you. I love you so much!

  • Amanda Matuschak-Crouch says:

    Uncle Brian, Your a great uncle now <3
    My dad passed away on Tuesday, Im sure you know because, your with him now. Please take care of him let him know that Sammi and I love you and him so much and we will miss you for the rest of our days <3 Im also married now, On my wedding day I prayed you were watching down and wished you could be there. I love you Uncle Brian. I love my dad too. I hope you and your brother are having fun catching up and laughing and being together again.

  • Tom Wikle says:

    Brian was my best friend when he lived in Arizona. I will miss him. He will live on in my heart.

  • Matthew Wickerd says:

    I can’t believe Brian and Christopher are both gone.I remember when Brian came out to Karen and I. It was such a serious moment but we laughed for hours. All the hours we spent on Vineyard. Amanda Faith, please email me @ Your dad was a little brother to me.

  • Amanda Matuschak Crouch says:

    Matthew I emailed you. If you didnt get it my email is Yes, My dad had passed on April 14th 2010.

  • Amanda Faith Matuschak Crouch says:

    Hi Uncle. Madelynn Grace Crouch is here now! It would’ve been amazing for you to meet her. Honestly, You and dad would be so proud too see what I made <3 I love you and think about you daily! Hope your watching over me and madelynn now <3

  • Amanda says:

    Hi… I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and praying your looking down on me…..

  • Amanda says:

    It’s been a few years now… You’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.
    I hope you’re watching down on me still… You have two beautiful grand nieces! Madelynn Grace and Marli faith…. I love you so much.

  • tracy matuschak says:

    He would have adored your girls, just as he did you and sammi…he was a great uncle for sure.

  • Amanda says:

    Thinking of you every day I love you and miss you more than you will ever know xoxooxox

  • Amanda Crouch says:

    I love you so much

  • Irving Salsbury says:

    I see Brian is well loved and missed. Was thinking about him while doing some work on the computer so I googled him and found this. Sure had a good relationship as we worked together at AT&T back in 2004. We used to pray away the tumors on the x-ray, one at a time. He gave it a good fight, may he rest with God and his brother now.

  • Samantha matuschak says:

    I love you. So much time has passed. I am now 27 and have not forgotten my dear uncle

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