Renato Recato, July 30 2008

Recato RenatoRenato Recato was born to Pedro Recato and Erminia Baranda in Manila, Philippines on January 7, 1947.  He passed away peacefully in Edmonds, Washington in the early morning hours of July 30, 2008.  Renato is survived by his sister Lilia Torrente, his son Rene Recato (spouse: Clarissa Recato), his daughter Anna Buenvenida (spouse: Marc Buenvenida), and his beautiful granddaughter Carena Recato.


Renato grew up in the Philippines, and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Accounting before moving to Canada with his mother in the 70’s.  In 1976, he welcomed his son Rene, then in 1978, his daughter Anna.  Together, they moved to the United States, finally settling in Seattle in the late 80’s.  Renato began working for the US Postal Service as a window clerk and also served as a Union Steward for his fellow employees.  He worked hard and eventually even became an instructor, which he very much enjoyed.  Renato also took tax preparation classes and began preparing taxes for others in his spare time. 


Renato was a warm, caring and kind man who was always quick to offer a story about his children or work at the Post Office.  He worked hard his whole life, and even moreso as he raised his children on his own.  Renato encountered struggles as a single father, but always managed to provide for his children, instilling in them values of hard work and pride in who they were.  No matter how difficult things got, he was always kind, often patient, and above all loving to his children.  He experienced great joy in his last years watching them grow, take on careers, and start their own families. 


All who knew Renato often saw his winning smile and heard his joyous chuckle.  He loved to travel and especially loved to cruise.  Renato also enjoyed returning to the Philippines to visit with friends and relatives, and looked forward to retiring there.  He loved to dance and sing and prided himself in the many Karaoke competitions he won.  Renato loved life and his joy was always infectious.  He also had a pure and firm love for the Lord and shared that faith openly.


Funeral arrangements and viewing will be at Barton Family Funeral Service in Kirkland, Washington and a funeral Mass will be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Bothell.  Renato will be laid to rest at Holyrood Catholic Cemetery in Shoreline


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9 Responses to “Renato Recato, July 30 2008”

  • Aleah Tiam says:

    I will never forget two of the most memorable things about Uncle Renato: peach curtains and ceramic mermaids. He always welcomed me into his home and I always saw how much he loved and was proud of his growing family. What a wonderful person and what a blessing he has been to us all. Love to you Anna, Marc, Rene, Clarissa, Carena and the rest of the family. Prayers and blessings always. Thank you Lord for the gift of Uncle Renato!

  • Irene Magat Jones says:

    First of all my family sends our condolences to you and your family. As for memories of Tito, I have so many. Two that stands out are all those nights that he welcomed handfuls of Rene and Anna’s friends to relax and eat his food at his condo in the Northgate area afterschool and after a night of hanging out. I also remember he took the time to come to my ‘Be safe going and welcome back from IRAQ’ picnic. That meant a lot to me. Tito has been a blessing to all of us and he will be surely missed. Much love to Kuya Rene, Clarissa, Carena, Anna, Marc and the rest of the family. Tito is now HOME and one day we will meet again. Our prayers and blessings are with you.

  • Ramiro Gabuat says:

    Hello Anna and Rene,

    I’m saddened to hear about your dad, but he’s at peace now. What I’ll always remember about Renato was how proud and how much he loved his children. I know he felt the same for his son and daughter-in-law; and of course his grandchild.

    Thanks for keeping us in touch during this most difficult time in your lives.

    Rest in peace, my friend!


  • Pete & Kitti Guballa, BLD-Seattle says:

    We don’t have a lot of memories with Rene, but one thing that stands out was when we went to Kusina Filipina, a restaurant in south Seattle.

    We haven’t been together for more than a couple of years. When he saw us, however, it seemed like no amount of time had floated by. He quickly joined us and we talked for quite a while. He was generous with stories about his kids and grandkids. He was so proud of them. He was also into sharing, insisting we partake of his dishes. We remember one of them was salmon in coconut milk.

    Rene mentioned his plan of buying perhaps a condo in Manila, the Philippines. We joked about us staying there when we vacation and immediately assured us with a broad smile we are welcome to do so.

    Rene’s warm spontaneity in sharing stories and what he had, regardless how long since we were last together, was so natural. He embodied the truth that time and distance do not matter. He’s now beyond worldly time and distance.

  • Philip & Vickee Buenvenida says:

    Pare, you’ll always be in our hearts & prayers!
    We will remember those few family moments shared – thanksgiving dinners, christmas, a whole day celebration of easter here & in canada, birthdays (esp. your birthday since Philip have the same b’day), but most of all the wedding of our son Marc to your daughter Anna.

  • Grace Talic says:

    I have not met Renato personally, but evidence of him being a good father shows in Rene and Anna. He raised his children well. May he rest in peace.

  • Adrian Ryder & Margot Buenvenida says:

    My fondest memory of uncle is him smiling and watching us kids play the Wii during the holidays at my parents house. His starbucks gift cards for christmas were the best 🙂 Adrian’s fondest memory of uncle was when he went over to his house to fix his car and had gone in and asked to use the rest room. Upon doing this uncle asked if he knew anything about fridges because he had just gotten a fridge and the ice maker was broken. After looking at it, Adrian pointed at a switch and told uncle “oh, all you have to do is switch this switch on and then you can have ice”….that’s his fondest memory 🙂 We will miss you dearly uncle….until we all meet again….

  • Kim Cabral says:

    Tito Renato, this is really hard to write, but all of our hearts are moved by what you’ve been through. We are all blessed to have know a father so generous and loving, who has raised two beautiful kids who are dear friends to us all. We thank God for your life, and now pray that you are resting eternally in His love. Thank you for all the times you have been so kind, hospitable, and warm to us. You always welcomed us into your home, and you were always pleasant every time I’d see you either in BLD or other parties. We miss you lots, and hope that we can live our lives as dedicated to family as you did. You are always our prayers and in our fondest memories.

  • Pablo Mendoza & Angelica Germani says:

    We were blessed to know Renato, and only wish to have shared more time with him on this earth. We will continue to share in his light through Rene and Anna, as his spirit undoubtedly lives on. Our love to the Recato family. Please don’t hesitate to call on us for support.

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