Margaret Bank, July 25 2008

In loving memory of Margaret Bank who passed away on  July 25, 2008, 2008 in  Washington State.  Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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  • Jeanie Sinclair-Smith says:

    For many years, Margaret and Andy Bank, and their two daughters (Kathy and Linda) were our neighbors on Coram St., in Detroit, MI. Linda and our oldest child, Karen, were both born on the same day,May 30th, 63 years ago. Margaret and Andy raised their little girls to be beautiful, competent, talented women! Their family was admired by everyone who knew them.
    I was saddened to read of Margaret’s recent death, and it brought back memories of Andy’s, also. But they had so many positive accomplishments in their lives, and that’s what we have to focus on. We’re proud to have known them. Peace to all!

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