Norman Golla, July 25 2008

In loving memory of Norman Golla who passed away on  July 25, 2008 in  Washington State.  Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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  • Angie Golla says:

    We miss you dad, and think about you everyday. We love you so much, and we would do anything to take this back. You didn’t deserve it, you were so healthy and took vitamins everyday and worked out and did everything possible to make sure you didn’t get sick. Words cannot explain how unfair this is. I now know that you are watching down on us and protecting us. Not one moment goes by that i don’t think about you, you will always be in my heart. You are the greatest dad any wife&kids could ask for. You always knew how to make us happy, even if we were in the worst situation. I love you dad, nobody will ever replace you. You were an amazing and caring guy.

  • Sam Golla says:

    Hey Dad, angie is right we all miss you so so much. You were the healthiest guy making sure you were staying in shape along with making sure that we were being healthy as well. I know you didnt deserve this but god has a reason for everything. You are somewhere better now with your mom and even though these are terrible times right now there will somehow be a positive outcome out of this. You lived a very successful life and raised three great children one of them being myself. And you loved mom so much and made sure she was happy all the time. I have so many memories of you Dad and you are the one who has inspired me my whole life. You were the best father any son could as for. Not only were you my Dad but you were my coach and teacher as well. You taught me many lessons in life and i will never forget that. You are with me always and forever and I know you will keep me and mom and the girls safe. I love you so much Dad words cannot explain everything you have done for me.

    P.S. I’ll be sure to wave to all the bikers for you 🙂

  • Peter Suznovich says:

    I would like to extend my condolences to Norm’s family. I had the exceptional opportunity to have worked with Norm at the Broadway Grill for the duration of his employment. He was a dear, fun friend and most certainly a mentor to me. He taught me how to manage with an even hand, temperance, and empathy as well as a quick wit. I always looked to him for sound advice as well as an understanding soundingboard. He will be missed and will be carried with me throughout my life and career.

    Thanks Norm!

    Peter W Suznovich

  • Spencer Fairbanks says:

    It was very disheartning to hear of Norm’s passing last week. Norm hired me as a manager at Broadway Grill in 2001. He was a very kind, understanding boss. I remember how much family meant to him. And how he put that above everything else, as you should. He was also very funny. I have a lot of pictures of him in various costumes he wore for Halloween and Pride. He taught so many restaurant lessons that I now pass down to others. Early in my training a guest came up and asked where the restroom was. After pointing them to the door, Norm came and asked me ” that guest just came up and asked where the restroom was, what does that tell you ? ” I kind of stammered, ” uh, … that they have to go the bathroom ? ” ” No, man, that this is their first time here and you have the best opportunity to give that the guest a great first impression! ” There were many more lessons he taught me. I took it as a major honor when I was dubbed ‘ mini Norm’ when he wasn’t working. Ofcourse I could never fill his shoes. Norm could get anything done, delivered or fixed with a quick phone call as he knew just about everyone in the industry in Seattle. Like my friend Peter, Norm made an impression upon me that I will carry through-out my lifetime. I’m gonna miss ya ‘Boss ! ‘


  • Jane Milne says:

    Dear Bonnie and family,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have nothing but wonderful memories of Norm. He never missed one of Sammy’s basketball games. He always had a big smile and was so friendly to everyone. He was always so supportive of his children. They should feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful and caring father. I have been praying for your family for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Jane

  • Bunny & Michael Vena says:

    Dear Bonnie & kids,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of great loss. Norman was like a brother to us and we will keep him in our hearts forever.
    God be with you and keep you in His care,
    Bunny & Michael Vena

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