Michaela Lynn Kendall

Michaela Lynn KendallLoving daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend, suddenly passed away on July 16th, at the age of 19. Michaela had a gift for making people laugh, and her smile would light up a room. The only thing that exceeded her out beauty was the beauty within.

Michaela loved traveling; her favorite vacation was a Caribbean cruse. She had a love of nature, and camped often. She enjoyed snowboarding, seadooing, crabbing, white river rafting, and horseback riding.

Michaela’s name means, “Walk With God”, and that is just what she’s doing now. Michaela will remain in our hearts forever.Michaela’s name means, “Walk With God”, and that is just what she’s doing now. Michaela will remain in our hearts forever.

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  • Janee Wilson says:

    I knew Michaela from her quick stint in Girl Scouts and I went to Sequoia with her… She was a very good friend of mine up until she moved… And then I moved and we lost contact. I will miss her very much and I will have her family in my prayers… May God be with you on during this sad occasion.

  • Ashley Maloy says:

    Where do I begin… Michaela and I went through so much together, became friends and grew into sisters. We were inseperable for so long, where one of us was you were sure to find the other. Even though we were in a rough place when she passed, I still love her very much and will every day. I keep her in my prayers and know that she is watching over me and all her loved ones every day.

    I love you girl RIP, you are never forgotton

  • nick lalicata says:

    god i have so much i want to say to her to this day, she is a huge part of why i am where i am today, without her i wouldn’t have lived past 2005, and become the person i am today, she will always be a angel on earth, i love you. and i will never ever forget you my angel.

  • Carlos Perez says:

    I miss ya girl, I still remember the first time we hung out,Remember the mosquitos? lol. I could sure use one of our talks right now. People like you are rare :-/. See you when the rides over!

  • nick lalicata says:

    i love you girl, i know you are with me, hey look, your shoes untied 😀 lol, i love you so much, i will see you again…

  • nick lalicata says:

    i love you, so much, i miss you everyday, so much i want to say to you, you are my inspiration, i hope i make you proud. i love you until i die, and we are together again.

  • Carlos Perez says:

    I miss you! 🙁

  • nick lalicata says:

    i love you~ and i miss you. im sorry i wasnt there for you

  • nick lalicatq says:

    i miss and love you everyday


  • nick lalicata says:

    i love you girl. i miss you everyday,

  • Mike Luby says:

    I cant believe it. So sad. I wish I could have said goodbye. Rest in peace Michaela.

  • nick lalicata says:

    god i miss you so much. i wish you could see my daughter. you would be so proud. I love you.

  • Carlos Perez says:

    The strangest thing just happened, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t thought of you in several years, but randomly, you popped in my head and I had the urge to look this up. Almost as if you were trying to reach me. Crazy. You are not forgotten. Rest In Peace.

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