Curtis Mangham, June 23, 2008

Curtis Lee Mangham Jr., at 62 years of age, passed away in Renton Washington on June23, 2008. He was born October 23, 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Mr. Mangham was a chef for various Restaurants and Hotels during his lifetime in the New Orleans, area. He retired in 1995.
He was a member of the Louisiana Hotel and Restaurant Assoc. and Active Member of Minwindo, Carnival Crew of New Orleans, and past Queen.
His hobbies included swimming, reading, and cooking.
Curtis Manham is preceded in death by: Mollie Spears, Pastor Michael Mangham, James M. Eubanks, Glenn A. Turner, Derrick L. Sayles, and a host of friends and relatives. He is survived by his sister, Mollie Spears, Brothers, Pastor Michael Mangham, James M. Eubanks, Glenn A. Turner.
There will be a small Memorial Service for Curtis at Ocean Shores where his ashes will be put in the Pacific Ocean, so he may travel the World.
The date and time of a memorial service will be announced to family and friends at a later date.

One Response to “Curtis Mangham, June 23, 2008”

  • Carol E. Crawford says:

    If this is the Curtis Mangham I knew, he went to Madisonville Public School in Cincinnati, Ohio at the same time as I did. I was Carol Moomaw then. I remember his being such a nice, kind person. For some unknown reason other children teased him, but I found him to be a good friend.

    I’m so sorry to hear of his passing.

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