Jeanene Laegreid, July 19, 2008

In loving memory of Jeanene Laegreid who passed away on July 19, 2008 in  Washington State.  Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

5 Responses to “Jeanene Laegreid, July 19, 2008”

  • Laura Leeman says:

    I am saddened to hear that Jeanene was not able to overcome her greatest battle but embraced it with elegance and grace. I really enjoyed meeting Jeanene and had a brief opportunity to share some deep moments with her about our son. I felt her positive spirit as I’m sure many others did too. She was a beautiful individual!


  • Claudia Heiden says:

    Both myself and my daughter, Rachel, were in shock when we learned of Jeanene’s passing. She was the Mother of one of my daughter’s best friends, Brenna. I was always impressed by her positive attitude. She never tried to draw attention to herself and her suffering. I know that she was an awesome Mom and friend to many. She will be missed. God Bless her in heaven!

  • Carolyn Kates says:

    Jeanene, So long dear friend.

  • Rachel Heiden says:

    “You know, the ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not. ‘Have you found joy in your life?’ ‘Has your life brought joy to others?’”

    The answer for Jay is yes.

    i love her and will miss her always.

  • Anson Chamblin says:

    Jeanene was one of the most special people in the world. My family sends love and prayers to Stan and the girls. Jeanene, you will be loved and missed forever.

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