Low Cost Funeral and Cremations

We’ve been recently featured by “YourFuneralGuy”
, Brian Burkhardt as a model Funeral Site.

From his blog, we are a model funeral service provider because we offer the following:

  1. Simple Direct Cremation
  2. Other facilities
  3. Home funeral
  4. Graveside Service only available
  5. Family Needs first

Thank you, Mr. Burkhardt!

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One Response to “Low Cost Funeral and Cremations”

  • Lynn Maybee says:

    My mother-in-law in currently under the care of hospice and we are looking for a place to have her cremated. So far we have been frustrated with costs and have even been told the prices were high because we were looking in Bellevue. We are just looking for her to be cremated with no other services. Would you be able to give me a quote of what this would cost through your company?

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