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Barton Family Funeral Service is a full-service provider of affordable funerals, burials, and cremations serving the Greater Seattle Area.

We are founded on the knowledge that there is a better way to deal with death than the expensive offerings of the corporate funeral industry (funeral homes). We urge a return to traditional values, beliefs, and cultural practices that are often compromised when traditional funerals cost too much. The growing trend toward personalized last rites is really just a return to the ways our ancestors faced the reality of death.

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Our fees for everything from a full traditional funeral, to a simple direct cremation, or to an assisted home funeral are substantially lower than the charges of large corporate funeral home companies because we have eliminated the massive expense of maintaining ostentatious buildings, grounds, gardens, funeral homes, and fleets of vehicles.

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Instead, funerals are held in churches, homes, or other suitable facilities depending on the size of the funeral and the desires of the family.

Often a graveside service is preferred, and occasionally no ceremony at all is appropriate. We can help you with your own home funeral or suggest a meaningful alternative funeral process. Our services are adapted to the exact needs of each family. We have eliminated the problem of excessive costs, so we can focus all of our attention on “getting it right.”

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Your funeral director is with you from the minute you call until well after the funeral is over. We make sure that all of the details, death certificates, and notices are complete and the family has support of friends, clergy, or health professionals. We “undertake” the management of the funeral so you can focus on getting on with life.

Washington families trust Barton Family Funeral Service when the death of a loved one leaves family members vulnerable and in need of honest solutions. Serving King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties, and all of Western Washington State. Instead of a funeral home we have several funeral arrangement centers throughout the Seattle area.

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"Bartons Funeral Service has been a blessing for our family. Bartons help us six years ago when our Mother passed away and now the past couple weeks taking care of our Dad's funeral. Pat was so sweet and understanding. Thank you so much for all your help and being there when we needed you."

Patrick Fischer

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Low Cost Care

"Low Cost" has meaning only when one answers the question, "Compared to what?" Low cost airlines deliver people from point A to point B with remarkably little difference in the end result between those who fly first class on a full service airline and those who fly to the same destination on the deep-discount airline. Both arrive at the same busy destination, wait for baggage, and confront immigration, customs, or security personnel who treat everyone with similar disregard.

Most people don't know too much about funeral costs and what they are actually paying for so it is generally difficult to know if "low cost" is right for them. Astonishingly those who take the time to learn, even if they are inclined to fly first class when choosing an airline, almost always opt for the low cost funeral service as long as they know two important factors are provided by the funeral director:

  • Respect for, and understanding the needs of the family.
  • Respectful care and disposition of the deceased.
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Pre Planned Funerals

Barton Family Funeral Service recommends pre-planning your funeral service and evaluating your options before deciding to pre-fund your services.

Our fees are modest so there are few reasons to prepay, however, if a person wishes to set money aside to pay funeral costs, we offer Forethought Life Insurance for such purposes. Such a policy will cover the cost of a pre-planned funeral and the insurance value will be paid to the beneficiary.


Pre-arranged funeral contracts are called "Pre-need" contracts to distinguish them from "At-Need" arrangements. Funeral contracts that are written between the consumer and funeral establishment at the time of a death are At-Need Contracts. We feel that the At-Need Contract drawn up after a death has occurred is when a family is least prepared to make all of the many decisions involved; therefore, the concept of making these important decisions early and in a more informed manner makes sense. This area of planning is call Pre-Planning.

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History of Funeral Services

The history of funeral service is a history of mankind. Funeral customs are as old as civilization itself. Every culture and civilization attends to the proper care of their dead. Every culture and civilization ever studied has three things in common relating to death and the disposition of the dead:

  • Some type of funeral rites, rituals, and ceremonies
  • A sacred place for the dead
  • Memorialization of the dead

Researchers have found burial grounds of Neanderthal man dating to 60,000 BC with animal antlers on the body and flower fragments next to the corpse indicating some type of ritual and gifts of remembrance.

With no great psychological knowledge or custom to draw from, Neanderthal man instinctively buried their dead with ritual and ceremony.

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