Make Funeral Arrangements without Going to our Office

We can help you make your funeral arrangements without traveling to our office. Our funeral directors can take care of most of it over the telephone and by email.

The objective during this national health emergency is to reduce going out in public as much as possible, especially for older people.

Be sure to let us know immediately if the deceased is a veteran.

If you have Internet, a Computer, but NO Printer/Scanner at Home go HERE TO OUR FORMS PAGE

Read and follow the instructions on the Forms page to fill out a statistical worksheet and cremation authorization. You can do it totally online or you can print the forms and fill them out by hand.   If you chose to print print the forms, the following instructions may help.

If you have Internet, a Computer, and Printer/Scanner at Home:


Steps to supply the information needed for funeral arrangements:


The Federal Trade Commission requires us to give you a copy of our General Price List. You may download a copy HERE.

            1. Decide if there will be a burial or cremation.
            2. Click HERE to download the Vital Statistics Worksheet – (Needed for both burial or cremation)
            3. After downloading this form, information can be entered by computer using Adobe Reader and printed, or a blank sheet can be printed and filled out by hand.
            4. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it HERE free. Be sure to read the download page, check or uncheck the boxes, and download the correct version.
            5. If you fill out the form using Adobe Reader DC, you can save the file to your computer by clicking on the icon circled below and saving it to an appropriate directory. Alternatively you can print it, scan, it and either email scanned file or fax the printed sheet to our fax number – Fax (425) 823-1977


          1.  Send the completed PDF file to the personal email of the funeral director with whom you are working and also copy it to “info at” Substitute @ for “at”


        If Cremation is Chosen

        Download and  print the cremation authorization according to the instructions on the FORMS page


        Usually it is the next-of-kin who completes the form but occasionally a person does it for herself/himself. Fill out the form and sign it on page one and on page two. If there are multiple siblings signing as next-of-kin (Responsible Party), it will be necessary for them to sign on page 3 also.

        Call your funeral director if you have any questions.

        If  Burial is Chosen

        Work with your funeral director to by telephone to make the decisions for a burial, including casket selection and service details.