Low Cost

“Low Cost” has meaning only when one answers the question, “Compared to what?” Low-cost airlines deliver people from point A to point B with remarkably little difference in the end result between those who fly first class on a full- service airline and those who fly to the same destination on the deep-discount airline. Both arrive at the same busy destination, wait for baggage, and confront immigration, customs, or security personnel who treat everyone with similar disregard.

Most people don’t know too much about funeral costs and what they are actually paying for so it is generally difficult to know if “low cost” is right for them. Astonishingly those who take the time to learn, even if they are inclined to fly first class when choosing an airline, almost always opt for the low-cost funeral service as long as they know two important factors are provided by the funeral director:

  • Respect for, and understanding the needs of the family.
  • Respectful care and disposition of the deceased.

Respect and understanding.

When a death occurs, we meet with the next-of-kin to determine what they really need and how we can help them find a low-cost solution. As a low-cost provider, we have eliminated all of the high overhead associated with traditional Seattle funeral homes. If the deceased is a high profile individual and the family needs an extensive public funeral, we seamlessly contract for the temporary use of facilities and equipment to perform the needed services. The result is an extensive funeral arrangement at a moderate cost rather than an exorbitant cost.

Throughout the process of learning the family’s needs, our funeral directors never forget that the survivors are looking for a way to cope with their loss and the funeral arrangement is just a part of what the family needs. We take the burden of details off their shoulders so they can devote their full attention to helping themselves and other family members. Reducing the financial burden is an important part of this process.

Respectful Care and Disposition

An inescapable part of death is the decision about the disposition of the body. In some cultures, burial is the only option and it must be accomplished within a very short time. In such cultures, customs have evolved to permit a quick funeral and burial. In our American culture, many of our customs have evolved with the help of a commercial funeral industry bent on maximizing profits. Funeral goods and rites have proliferated with few questioning their necessity from a religious or cultural perspective. In the rush to make funeral arrangements, few take the time to question what they really want to do personally. We make sure you have the time to ask these questions of both yourself and us.

When we remove the deceased from the place of death, the body is kept in refrigeration for whatever time is required to allow you to make an informed decision about any arrangement you ultimately choose. Embalming is not required but is an option if the family desires a public viewing.
If a burial is anticipated, our funeral service can work with whichever cemetery you chose. If you do not have cemetery space, we can help you find it. Cemeteries and funeral services are separate entities and it is not necessary to use the expensive funeral homes often associated with cemeteries. In addition to commercial cemeteries, there are cemeteries operated by churches and municipalities. Most veterans have the right to free space in a federal cemetery.
With the trend toward more private, family oriented, funerals, true low-cost options become viable. We show you how to eliminate many unnecessary costs such as embalming and overpriced caskets. Cremation is often the disposition of choice. This alone affords great flexibility in memorial activities and final disposition.

Low Cost with no Sales Pressure

It is not uncommon in the funeral industry to subtly steer a family into spending more than necessary. A hallmark of our funeral service is to actively refrain from any pressure whatsoever.

The fee for cremation is $995. The only other costs are fees associated with the government: a $70 fee to the King County medical examiner’s office for deaths within King County, and a fee of $25 for each death certificate.

The fee for immediate burial including a Batesville Gemini metal casket is $2,370.  As with cremation, the only other costs are fees associated with the government: the $70 fee to the King County medical examiner’s office for deaths within King County.  The $25 fee for each death certificate is the same throughout Washington State. The number of death certificate required will vary with the needs of the estate and its heirs.

Returning to the question of low cost “compared to what”, all Seattle funeral services do an adequate job of a respectful disposition of the body. To do so is required by law. We seek to excel from the first encounter with the family when the body is removed from the place of death to the final burial or cremation. At the end of the funeral experience, we want families to be secure on their road to recovery from their loss.

Some low-cost airlines make flying a pleasure despite not giving passengers hot towels and full-course meals.