Death Certificates

NOTE: Washington State increased the price of death certificates to $25.  They also have new rules governing who may order death certificates.


There are currently three ways to order the certificates you need – directly from the County,  from an approved third-party service called VitalChek (below),  or through us at the time you make a funeral arrangement.  All three ways place the certain responsibilities on you:


  • The cost of the certificates (order only the number you actually need)
  • The cost of replacing them if they are not correct after giving your approval.
  • The cost of replacing them if they are lost in the mail.


Beginning on January 1, 2021, a new vital records law went into effect that changed the ordering requirements for death certificates. A copy of the brochure explaining the new procedures can be downloaded HERE in PDF format. (Opens in a new tab)


To order death certificates directly from the Counties, go to the County Health Department’s website for full instructions. This is the lowest cost option. Nevertheless, the County is not responsible for certificates lost or misdirected in the mail. 


After the COVID-19 pandemic abates, counties may open their offices for walk-in, over-the-counter services.

King County Vital Statistics:

Snohomish County Vital Statistics:

Pierce County Vital Statistics:



VitalChek is a third party vendor that has been approved by most states to facilitate and expedite ordering death certificates. VitalChek can help you expedite receipt of your certificates if it is important to receive them quickly. The cost is $36.50 – $48.50 per certificate,  plus the cost of sending the certificates to you. You can see their pricing information HERE

The web site is a bit difficult to navigate so be patient.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER BY VITAL CHEK