Death Certificate Approval Form for Regular Download

Please carefully review the “Unofficial Death Record Abstract” before giving your final approval. Inform us of any errors or omissions now, so we can correct them prior to filing the Death Certificate. Any errors or omissions that you do not ask us to correct will appear on the certified copies. Death certificates are difficult to amend after they have been filed.

The State of Washington charges $25.00 for each death certificate, plus other possible fees levied by the County.

Please note: Washington State law does not allow us to alter or change the ‘Cause of Death’ section of the “Unofficial Death Record Abstract” form.  Should you want an amendment to that section, please contact the certifying physician directly.

***Please be advised, Barton Family Funeral Service will not replace or absorb the cost of Certified copies of the Death Certificate should an error or omission be discovered after you have given your final approval by filling out the following required information.

Clink the link below to go to the online approval form:

Death Certificate Approval Form