Paula Marie Gagnier


“Beauty, Brains and Love were having a race: When they got to Paula, they called it a tie.”

image of Paula Marie Gagnier

Paula Marie Gagnier

3 Responses to “Paula Marie Gagnier”

  • Kevin Gagner says:

    Our big sister. Loving, loyal, ferociously protective of us.
    Skinny, beautiful, outlandishly funny; a wonderful cook who shared that gift with all of us (also known as “Aint Bea” by her nephews for her pie-making abilities.)
    There just isn’t enough room here.

  • Russell Kimurs says:

    Heaven has accepted another angel to watch over us. Always remember and celebrate her life.

  • Marilyn says:

    The layman’s guide to honoring Paula: Be a ridiculously great relative, brush your teeth, clean up after yourself, stay in shape, look like a hottie, stick to your guns, have a piece of pie and excel at baking, go to the library, have some quiet time, avoid drama, go to a museum, have a picnic lunch, get on a kayak, ride a bike, collect some antiques or do some online shopping, take an awesome vacation, be whimsical and kind but don’t forget to add sarcasm and wit.

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